• Our school provides education of the highest quality.
  • Through mutual trust and respect we promote success for all.

What we provide for our children

  • A happy, secure and supportive environment in which all can develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.
  • Teaching of the highest standard, presented through a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • A learning environment that enables children to develop independence and confidence in all they undertake.
  • High expectations in relation to learning and behaviour that challenge all children to do their best.
  • A social, moral and spiritual awareness that enables all children to develop an understanding of their rights and responsibilities within the school, the wider community and as citizens.
  • A school where all children are valued as individuals.

 What we provide for our parents

  • A strong home-school partnership, built on mutual trust and respect.
  • Good communication that supports each child in their learning.
  • Recognition of the important role parents play in their child’s primary education.
  • Development of the shared responsibility that school and parents take in ensuring each child is able to do their best.
  • A school where all parents are valued as individuals.

What we provide for our staff

  • A positive, supportive working environment.
  • Continuing professional development opportunities to enable staff to be reflective educators and develop a clear career pathway.
  • A culture of high expectations in relation to teaching and learning and for all children.
  • A school where all staff are valued as individuals.